sex hungry joes

sex hungry joes

Hello...My name is Lori Anderson. In case you didn't know this website is all about sex hungry joes . When it comes to living vicariously thru someone and watching their every sexual activity you've cum to the right place. I love to express myself sexually. I used to be really shy about my sexual behavior, but now I just die for the attention I get here from all you guys. Be a part of My-Sex-Life and get all the sex hungry joes you can ever want. Cum on and check me out Mister.

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 Sat, 04 Jul 2015 02:49:58 +0000 Red Gloves Handjob!

        It was a very cold winter day and I was all bundled up in my hat and scarf with gloves just getting ready to run some errands but before I did that I wanted to give my man a wintery hand job with my gloves on. I figured since the temperatures were really cold outside I was hoping to warm things up before I left. I was wearing a blue-jean mini skirt with no panties (as usual) and a white t-shirt with no bra. I showed him how hard my nipples were as I started to play with them and I lifted up my skirt to expose my pussy for a bit before bending over doggie style showing him my ass and bare pussy. He gets really horny every time I show him my pussy and he gets rock hard. I wanted him to sit on the hot-tub bench for me so I could touch him and just beat his meat. He was resisting me a little bit by jacking him off with my gloves on thinking it was going to hurt him but I know I can be gentle and just arouse him so deeply that if I was giving him pain at all it was a good feeling. I took one glove off so I could lube him up really good and wack him good as all I wanted to do was spill his goo. I grabbed the lube and stroked him off with one hand and held his balls with my other hand and it felt so good in between my fingers just watching the tension build up in his balls. My fingers are so long that I can grip really good and just squeeze him the right way making him beg for more. I love making a tight fist around his shaft and go up and down as quick as I can until I milk him dry. I could tell he was getting close so I slowed down giving him a slow two finger stroke just teasing him before grabbing his dick tighter in my hands wacking his meat faster. He came so much all over my hand and glove I took a taste of his hot cream and it was yummy!
I’m off to my next adventure I can’t wait to jack him off again soon!
Kisses and Hugz
Luv Lori xoxo

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